What if it has been all preparation up until this point? What if you are getting ready to step into that very thing that you have been praying, preparing and waiting for - and it's just around the corner? 

For all those moments and seasons - the long days, months and even years when you thought you had "peaked." For some, perhaps you feared missing the opportunity altogether or you've been passed over. For others, maybe you questioned your own sanity or whether you heard God correctly. Or maybe you wondered if you have been chasing the wrong dream or calling. And for others, perhaps you thought you were finally experiencing the reality of that dream but you are/were left feeling less than satisfied or fulfilled so you considered changing the course altogether or actually felt shame and guilt as if you are a "bad" christian for not being "grateful" and wanting "more." 

Friends. What if what you thought was "the end" is just the beginning? What if the enemy has been trying to deceive you to believe the lie that just because you tried something and it hasn't completely delivered what you hoped or expected, you should just abandon it altogether? What if it's been the enemy's scheme to diminish our confidence, hope and motivation in selling us the lie that there is no point in continuing in hopes we'd cast off our confidence, lose hope, and abort before it's time?

Let's remember the enemy's plan is only to steal, kill and destroy. It's also important to remember this simple truth, all things just take time. Friend, if you have fellowship with God and earnestly seek his ways, the Lord will orchestrate and purpose your steps. We do not have to fear or be anxious. Again, things just take time. Let's rest in God's timing and keep going. Let's resist buying into the lie of the enemy by keeping our eyes fixed on our heavenly Father. He's able, willing and he is at work. Our job is to stay in the process and keep preparing for what's to come. 


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