I realized today while at work, I am most impatient when I feel entitled, or feel the pressure to "perform" or "produce" due to expectations and demands, or simply the affects of technology gone wild (every thing should be instant and available 24/7, including my availability). So I rush, fret, pace and go bonkers all the while I'm telling myself slow down, chill out, it's going to be okay. And I know that, I believe that but yet I still feel the pressure. Why? Because other people are involved, and sometimes they are quite frankly unreasonable, difficult or have loss touch with reality. 

I can be proactive, playing offense and defense and in some situations and with some people, it's never going to be "enough." So I have to daily remind myself to simply resolve to do my best with integrity and diligence, stay focused on what is my portion and control what is mine to do. And not as a last resort but the posture of my heart is to trust God sees all things and let him take care of the rest. I hide myself in the shadow of his wings. 

It's an interesting space to navigate so if you are in a position of power, authority or leadership, there is a weightiness to the call. There comes great responsibility to treat those under your care justly, fairly and with sincere care.  


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