Feelings come and go but the faithfulness of God endures forever. 

There is absolutely nothing more valuable and encouraging than the counsel or attentive, compassionate listening ear of a good and trusted friend. There is nothing more comforting than being able to express myself without fear of judgement, shame or condemnation. God is really first and foremost that faithful and true friend. 

And if it were not enough for him to offer himself to us, he allows for people to come into our lives who end up being friend who are actually like family. They end up being our sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers. 

If you have been ever so rich and fortunate to have those kinda of friends who are like family, please do not take them for granted. Also, pay the richness forward and be that kind of friend for someone else! And if you are in the category of those who are desperately longing, crying, aching and groaning to God in prayer for that type of community, I empathize deeply and my encouragement to you is to please do not give up hope. Please do not give up or let up on your petitions and search. I don't know why it's harder for some than others. I just don't understand. But I do know that God is still faithful and he's still that constant friend.  

God help us to be those kind of friends we ourselves are searching for. In your grace, please surround us with rich and deep friendships with whom we can grow, sharpen and inspire one another towards our God given calling and purpose. 


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