Okay Even When It's Not

It's going to be okay even if everything is not okay because of Jesus. And because of Jesus, I too am going to be okay. Incredibly thankful for this truth that is clearly shown throughout scripture. But the only way that that statement "works" is based on how we define "okay." We've got to define "okay" according to the scriptures. For those in Christ, we're not okay because our circumstances are perfect, free of pain and problems, hardships, heartbreaks, loss and disappointments and setbacks. No one is immune from difficulties. But even in the face of those challenges, our soul can be okay. Jesus offers his peace that the world cannot understand. God gives us his unconditional love. The Holy Spirit comforts us and intercedes on our behalf when we are unable. Our eternal inheritance and resting place is firm and secure. Death and sin has no hold on us because of grace. We are held by and held together by God. That's why it's going to be okay and we're going to be okay. God is before all things and he sees all things as they were, as they are and as they will be. He holds the universe in his hands and he holds us and our lives in his hand. We are in safe hands.

So all that we see, understand, believe and hold true must be rooted in God's Word and who he is. It's the only anchor for our soul in a shifting and chaotic world. It is the sure and firm foundation for which we can build our lives - God's word, the scriptures, biblical truths. 

May we be those who know God's word, live lives marked with biblical truths and principles. It's so incredibly easy and dangerous to take good advice, words of wisdom, and positive/motivational phrases and statements and give them equal weight and credibility as the holy inspired scriptures. 


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