In case you didn't know or was wondering, the answer is yes. Yes, pastors have answered the call to serve God in the capacity of a leader, minister, overseer, pastor, teacher, shepherd and so forth. But we didn't somehow get zapped when we answered the call and some how are no longer human. Yes, we are still humans - with hearts and all the feels.  

We have feelings, needs, desires, wants and longings too. We are not immune to discouragement, criticism, isolation, weariness, fatigue, loneliness, rejection. We too feel pain, We too are human. We too are people. This is not a cryptic message of any sort. It's just the plain truth. If you are praying people, please remember to pray for your pastors and those who lead and care for your soul. Please remember to be gracious and grace giving towards them and their families. Please refrain from judging them and feel free to talk to them like normal humans and ask rather than assuming. Please fight the temptation to criticize and summarize what they do or don't do, what they say or don't say. Be bold to reach out and ask for clarification. Give them the opportunity and the same benefit of the doubt you desire for yourself. 

The church is beautiful and I believe it truly is the hope and means for which God wants us to bless, reach and help a hurting world. And for those reasons, we're so much better together, especially when we choose to see one another through the compassionate lens of a fellow sojourner on this faith journey. No one has arrived. We're all working out and walking out this faith. It can be a little less stressful if we'd choose to rally around one another, stand with each other and pray for one another. 

The golden rule is really golden.... treat others as you want to be treated. We can do this. 


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