We are all a work in progress. We are all growing. We all have areas in our lives that continually need maturing and developing. As long as there is breath in our lungs, not one person has "arrived." There is always room for improvement. We are in process of becoming more like Christ and being sanctified. There is no question, if and's or but's about that. It's just the facts and plain truth. Now that we have clearly established not one of us is perfect, let me also say this, alignment matters. While we are all still growing and learning, becoming more of who God has intended us to be, and daily renewing our minds and putting off the old nature and putting on the new, alignment is important if we're going to walk and live in the fullness of freedom and life. Alignment is crucial. 

If you are walking with Jesus daily, in his word, praying, practicing the disciplines of a disciple and continually in communication and fellowship with God and you still feel "off" (for lack of better word), it just might not be you. It could very well be your environment or your "company." It could be your alignment. Please do not hear me say when things get tough we should bounce. Most definitely do not hear me say when relationships, particularly marriage or family hit a growing pain season, we should call it quits. I am speaking to situations and environments where we can change. Basically it would not be sin or in direct violation of God's word or principles, and not disobedience or rebellion if you removed yourself or walked away from. Whether it be a job, affiliation with a particular group or organization, certain acquaintances and the likes. 

Alignment involves valuing the same things and placing the same importance on various issues. Alignment does not mean we do every thing the same or think the same. It does not mean we are a clone of one another. It simply means the spirit of, the heart of, the vision and direction we believe in is aligned. This has every thing to do with the direction and heart of the leadership because that flows throughout the DNA of the organization and establishes the culture that is created.

The best way to determine if you are in alignment is to work it backwards. Consider what you want to be about and what you believe. Then measure it against the environment you are a part of. Again, just like we are a work in progress, so are organizations and other types of environment. But you can quickly discern by the leadership - not necessarily by what they say or don't say (because we know there are people who are really good with their words but it does not align with their actions) but by how they live, walk and conduct their affairs. The subtle things are very telling. 

Today, check your alignment. And stop beating yourself up and feeling guilty for feeling a certain way when it just  might not be you. But while it might not be you, let's keep it that by not judging, making a stink or speaking things that is not necessary. Do what you need to do to get into right alignment with grace, love and humility. 


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