Pressure Points

Pressure points and triggers are not necessarily an indication of something bad or the downfall of something. It's not a marker that something is beyond repair or irreversible. But more often than not, it's a signal that we need to pause and give more careful and special attention to that pressure point or trigger. It is apparent that there is something tender, sensitive and slightly strained. Perhaps there is built up and something needs to be released. However, pressure points can also be an encouraging indicator that "it" whatever "it" is for you, is indeed on the path towards healing. We can compare or look back at what once would have paralyzed or took us out, now is only a nagging limp or tender scar. 

It is important to grow in self-awareness and compassionate care towards ourselves. We desperately need and are given permission to be kind and gracious towards ourselves. We are allowed to give pause and space to tend to ourselves so that the garden of our soul grows and flourishes. We want healthy, strong, and fruitful gardens that not only displays the richness and beauty of God but provides joy and nourishment to those around. We are called to live an abundant life - full of faith and life. We are to live fully alive and with eyes wide open and awake. 

God created our bodies and minds intricately and wonderfully. Our body and mind can sound off alarms to us through the indwelling work of the Holy Spirit that something needs to be tended to and cared for. Our task is to pause, take all things to the Lord in prayer and work it out with him. Jesus is our ever present compassionate and kind friend. He is always with us and he helps us to navigate and address the pressure, triggers and tender points in our lives because we want to be healthy and whole individuals, knowing who we are.   


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