New Life

We do not take for granted but humbly and completely acknowledge it is the grace and mercy of God that has saved our family. By God's grace, both of our children have put their trust in Jesus and asked him to be their Lord and Savior. Thanking God for the empowerment and the work of the Holy Spirit within us as parents to partner with God in saving souls. 

As soon as we found out we were pregnant, we immediately began praying for our son's salvation. We asked God to save him at a young age and secondly, we prayed God wold prepare him a wife. (The same for our daughter). We pray that our children would come to know, love and honor Jesus beginning at a young tender age. We were deliberate in praying that their lives would be impacted by the Gospel and love of Jesus early in life because we believe they are called to be world changers. 

This past week, we remember and celebrate 4 years ago when our oldest; Noah, prayed and asked Jesus into his heart. I remember that day very clearly. Every day, my husband would read the bible and pray with the children. Faithfully he did this, despite the chaos, the fatigue, the tiredness, the busyness, or exhaustion. He helped our children faithfully meet with God. It was a Saturday morning. Because I do not work on the weekend, I let my husband sleep-in. That particular morning, Noah woke up early. We were in his room and began morning devotion as he was accustomed to. We landed on the story of Jesus' crucifixion. As we concluded the reading, even at a tender young age of 3, he understood. Noah understood the pain of being separated from the people who loves us. He understood that he needed and wanted assurance of his eternal resting place. He understood that Jesus is the only way to heaven. He understood he needed a savior because he too has made mistakes and is not perfect. I thank God for in that moment, the Holy Spirit quickened my heart to not dismiss that moment or let it pass me by. Because I had prayed for this moment, I had been waiting for this moment, with the Spirit's prompting, I was able to recognize the opportunity when it presented itself. And with childlike faith and tears in his eyes, I led him to his daddy so we could experience this scared and life changing moment together. His daddy affirmed with him his decision and that day, August 13, 2016, Noah entered into new life. 

We did our part. We prayed. We planted. We sowed. We watered. We tended. We nurtured. We created and cultivated a conducive atmosphere for God to work. But is is God alone that causes all things to grow. God produces the fruit. Of course, our jobs to disciple our children is not over, it has just begun. So we press on and we continue to pray that they would love Jesus all the days of their life. The most important thing we want to teach and remind our children is God's love, his faithfulness to us and his forgiveness. We don't want them to live in fear but freedom knowing that if and when they do make a mistake or stumble in their walk, God loves them and they do not have to hide and feel shame but simply turn back to the Father. 

Friends, please be encouraged where ever you are in this journey of faith with your children. Keep going. God is faithful and he will do his part. Every child is different. It's a slow process but if you don't give up, you'll see a harvest. 


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