In this season, I find that I'm more drawn to peaceful, calming, reassuring, comforting worship and instrumental music. I am particularly enjoying lullabies. Christy Nockels has a great album that is a must hear! 

While I'm still all about songs of declaration, proclamation and victory (the air fist pumping songs and the likes), I do think there is an appropriate and necessary time and place for songs that simply sing and speak over us. That is where I am. For me, it's all about finding healthy rhythms. So as we "go out" to "conquer" and "fight," we also need to retreat back for rest. To simply receive and be. 

It is possible to live a life that is free of hustle, grinding and striving. We don't have to rush and race from one thing to the next. We can rest as we truly live from a place of belovedness. And even more encouraging, we can take control (to some measure) regarding the pace and trajectory of our life. While it may require making some changes, different decisions, grit, discipline and courage, we are not victims nor are we held hostage to the fast pace of our culture. 

Today, be encouraged. There is freedom for our souls and there is a better way to live. We can fulfill our responsibilities and the demands of life (especially for us who have small children) and walk in peace and wholeness. Here are a few things that I am being intentional and deliberate about: 

1. Living from a place of sonship / daughterhood. Living loved. 

2. Living empowered as someone who is capable and able because of and through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the finished work of Jesus. 

3. Living for God alone. If we make our life solely about pleasing God and glorifying him, it takes the pressure off of us because we are already approved by Him. We do not have to perform, to strive or do our "own" thing to be successful or accomplished. 

4. Living secure in my inheritance. The boundary lines have fallen in beautiful places. We just need to keep walking in the Spirit daily.  

There is something incredibly freeing and calming when we choose and live out and from the rhythm and pace that which God has already fashioned specifically for us. 


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