Our thoughts

Our thoughts are not who we are. And we don't have to speak out loud every thing that comes to mind. I hope that helps someone today. 

We are bombarded with thoughts constantly, and not all thoughts are of God or from God. Otherwise, why would Paul in the book of Corinthians give us this instruction, "and every proud thing that is raised up against the knowledge of God, and we take every thought captive to obey Christ." 2 Corinthians 10:5. 

Again, we are not subjects to our thoughts nor do we have to live captive to our thoughts. It's actually the reverse. We are suppose to make our thoughts conform to the ways and truth of God's word and we make it submit to the obedience of Jesus Christ. So if we want to walk in peace and freedom, it's imperative that we recognize the following: 

1. Not every thought is from God. 

2. Self-control and discipline is required on our part to actively engage and monitor our thought life. What we are allowing into our minds and thoughts? 

3. We need to know the person of Jesus in order to know when a thought does not align. Do we know God's character and truth, the scriptures?  

4. We are given the Spirit of God who dwells in us to help us in our weakness. The Holy Spirit gives us insight, revelation and clarity. How often are we relying and asking for the help of the Holy Spirit for discernment? 

The enemy would want nothing more than for us to succumb to fear, shame, guilt and condemnation in making us believe that our thoughts are who we are or is the summation of our values, beliefs and convictions. A thought is just that, a thought. It's a signal that some thing needs to be addressed or checked out. But our thoughts are not who we are. It does not have to define us. 

It's so easy and tempting to either act on our thoughts (impulsively) or speak our thoughts (without consideration or further examination). But Jesus calls us to a higher and more freeing way of living, self-controlled. We don't have to live as innocent bystanders to our humanity or the schemes of the enemy; rather, we have been given every thing we need for godly living. Put on the your armor, and let's go. 


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