Whatever we choose to magnify will become larger. Not necessarily in true size or form, but definitely in our eyes and in our tiny space of the world; and that might not always be a good thing. So for that reason, Scripture encourages us to magnify the Lord because he is the only one worth magnifying. He alone is able to rescue, fix and redeem. He can talk the talk and walk the walk. He can back up any claim or promise. 

Now more than ever, it's so vital that we are aware of what we are magnifying. What are we allowing to influence us? What are we allowing to continually be a voice or within our view and frame? Again, it's the slow drifts that we must be mindful of. It starts out simple and pure but if we don't keep the proper long view in mind, we may end up growing or magnifying something or someone we never intended. 

Whether it be our bank accounts, social standing, name/fame, or the accolades and praises of man, it will eventually leave us bankrupt and empty. Why? Not because those things inherently are corrupt or evil; however, simply because some things are built a certain way. One, we are not built to magnify anything or anyone but God. Second, we were not created for fame that focuses solely on us. We were not designed to live in excess for the sake of excess to pacify or mask our truest and deepest longing and desires. In all that we do, it simply must be with a central purpose - pointing back to the giver and creator of every good thing, our God. It is to display God's glory and majesty; otherwise, all else is to our eventual demise and destruction. It will lead us down a path of our own creating and we will soon crush under the pressure and expectation to keep something going, to keep it up not because we are inept or incompetent, but because we were never created for that type of weight. While that is the reality of things, we can still be encouraged - all is not lost, doomed or hopeless. If you are honest with yourself and take an inventory only to find out you have been magnifying the wrong things, nothing is too far from God's reach. Your new day can start, today. Your fresh start can begin this moment. You can start right where you are. 

We can choose today who or what we will magnify and worship. Jesus in his grace will meet you, help you and walk you all the way home. For those who identify as a Christ follower, it's imperative that we daily pause and consider our heart, motives and actions. To the best we are able, let's ensure all that we are and do points to the Father. May our lives magnify him and him alone because all else is like shifting sand. 


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