You will likely become like those you surround yourself with, so choose wisely. Having said that, I have deep compassion for those who recognize and live daily with the reality that they are not in the alignments they want to be in but for this moment, God has not released them or allowed them to move or change. Friend, God is still at work. He has not forgotten. I'm not talking about abusive relationships, but those situations that are not ideal, comfortable or our first choice. 

I think about the story of Joseph. He was not his surroundings. And more importantly, he did not allow the company of his surroundings to change or sway his devotion and faith in God. He did not become bitter but rather chose to take a bad situation and became better. He grew and matured all while staying true to his beliefs. He remained true to his God, values, principles, and faith. Was it challenging? For sure. But rather than sit and complain about what he could not control - his situation, circumstances, and surroundings, he released it to God and took hold of what he could control - his attitude. He took responsibility and ownership for his thought life, actions and how he would respond and live in the face of his predicament. He resolved to honor his God no matter what. 

Did it lessen the time or years he was in prison or falsely accused or misunderstood? Well, no. Did it make the hidden wounds and scars any better or quicken the restoration of his relations with his family? Not quite but none of that negates or discredits the truth that God was still at work all along, and He was right on time. You see, Joseph gained something far greater, he gained his life. He not only became his truest self, but he lived out firsthand the things God was weaving in the secret and hidden places. Joseph experienced personally and privately God's redemption before God chose to publicly reveal for all to see the wisdom and power that was always at work; wielding all things to work together not only for Joseph's good, but for his entire family and for nations to come. 

Joseph was generous in grace and forgiveness because he trusted in a generous and gracious God. He sought to do what was right no matter what because of his dependency and reliance upon God. Joseph acted and moved in generosity because he continually placed his affection on his good God. 

I want to align myself with people who are generous. Because those who are generous are most like God. When we are generous, we are not focused on ourselves. So in a way, generosity can be an antidote to greed, selfishness and pride. Living generously penetrates and influences our actions, words and deeds, but it shows what we value, hold in high regard and is telling of our motives. 

Generous people are always thinking of ways to bless and help others. Generous people are always seeking opportunities to lift others up, build up the faith of others, and give them courage to be who God has called them to be. Generous people are givers - of their time, resources, knowledge and wisdom. Generous people are not hoarders because they know their source and provider. Generous people build God's kingdom. Generous people seek to better others without seeking anything in return. Generosity is a practice, we are not born generous, but it's possible. Go and do something generous and seek out generous people and align yourself. 


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