I am very sad and broken. The images and video footage over the past few weeks are beyond troubling, it's grievous. It is not okay. I am not okay with it. Every person is created in the loving image of God. Therefore, every single person is deserving to be treated humanely, compassionately with dignity, decency and respect. What we have seen is not the heart of God. God is a loving God. He is a just God. 

I find myself in tears, actually my husband too. The mood has been solemn. I fully recognize and acknowledge I have no words of my own to sufficiently soothe the hurt, bring about reform or the type of restoration and peace our nation and world desperately needs in this hour. I make no attempts at saying I completely "understand" what my fellow Americans are feeling and experiencing. I cannot begin to speak about the pain and ache that many are walking through for the injustice and wrongs. But what I do have, I offer. I offer my sincere intercessions and prayers. I offer my desire to listen and seek understanding. 

We see you. We hear you. So I pray to the One who created the heavens and the earth, and every living person for His help and divine intervention. I offer my hope and pray the Peace of Christ over every heart, family, community and city. I pray for safety and protection. I ask God for his wisdom and resolutions. 

There are many things I don't fully understand but what I do fully recognize is this, the wound is deep. Many are bleeding and hurting. There is trauma and the grief is real. People want to be heard. They want to be seen. They deserve to be heard. They deserve to be seen. While my words fail me and my experiences may differ, I know Jesus understands. So I look to Him for understanding. 

In the face of unrest and chaos, I still believe our God is present. I still believe Jesus is the answer and the Church can be an agent of change in this hour. God, please help. We look to you. Our source of hope and help. Help us to see with our eyes, ears, mind and heart. Help us to have your heart and thoughts. Change and transform us to be more like your Son, Jesus.

Devote yourselves to prayer; stay alert in it with thanksgiving. Colossians 4:2


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