What's Next?

Maybe a frequent question so many of us are asking ourselves, one another and of God especially in this crazy season and time in history. There's really no other word to describe what we are walking through, living through and navigating than crazy. Who would have ever imagined in a million years we would be where we are today. In the middle of a global pandemic that has literally changed how we live, breathe, move and function. 

So what's next's? Man, a really good question but timing is every thing. For me, I've stopped asking that question. In terms of trying to imagine when "this" will be "all over" or when we can plan or discuss our "future," I am not there at all. I don't even know what August will look like and whether me and kids will return to church yet. I am only fairly clear on the next 30 days only because our family is on a Sabbatical but even then, I can only take it one day at a time. I'm not just throwing around cliches or trying to sound all spiritual. Between two little ones and the nature of our jobs/work, anything can happen and change/shift is the constant we can count on. Okay but that doesn't help the person who is sincerely asking, what's next? What do I do next? Inactivity or inaction is not a true option. We can't just "sit" around until the world "returns to normal." I can' take the credit for my response but I think it's incredibly fitting, "just do the next RIGHT thing." This is really good advice for any season of life. 

If you were unclear of what God wanted you to do BEFORE Covid-19, then take time and ask Him. And when you sit long enough to listen and try to discern his voice but are still unsure, then friend, just do the next RIGHT thing. As you take that step and do that next right thing, the Holy Spirit will continue to direct and guide you. So for wherever you are today, don't be concerned about knowing the entire path or all the steps you need to take, just take that first step in doing the next right thing. 


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