What to Do

What to do when there was uncertainty in your life before, and now with COVID-19, another layer and level of uncertainty - unprecedented and complex uncertainty is presented? Where do we go from here? How do we keep navigating these uncharted waters and move forward with "life" with courage and intentionality but also with mindfulness and a sense of responsibility all while things are frequently still changing and evolving? Surely it can be a strength test for some relationships and perhaps a litmus test for some others. All to say, it makes many if not all facets of life a little more complex. 

What to do when we're struggling to navigate? A few thoughts came to mind. I'm sure it's redundant in some regards but I'll share in its rawest form as it feels the most authentic to me at this moment. Remember, I'm a deep feeler and can be very specific. 

1. Hope in God alone. Hope in his character and not in my context or circumstances.  
There is nothing wrong with hoping my context and circumstances will change, and we are certainly allowed to pray that it would change. However, if I only hope in my context and circumstances changing, what if they don't, at least on this side of heaven? We are only promised the assurance of God's character - He promises himself to us. He also promises that He will be with us and help us to persevere in faith while working all things for our good, and that one day Jesus will come back for us and make all things right.  

2. Look up. Take your eyes off of yourself. 
We cannot change what is going on in us or around us. So look up and take our eyes off of ourselves.  

3. Turn your heart and attention towards God, and not away. Resist the temptation to turn away from God in your heart.
Actively choose to turn towards God first. Before you run to the friend, or to the latest news outlet, book, blog or Instagram post of the person you admire or who is "crushing it," turn towards God first. Make him first and a priority in your heart.  

4. Stay. Commit to follow through right where you are with the last instruction and directive God last gave. 
When we don't know what else to do, just stay. And keep doing the last thing God last instructed. If it is to work, then work. If it is to take care of your kids, then do that. If it is to continue with the volunteer ministry than do it. When God wants you to move or change course of action, He'll let you know. 

5. Keep moving towards God. 
We need to continually, daily, intentionally and actively keep moving towards God. This is an active decision and practice. It is so easy to fall into the "slow drift."  

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are protected (raised high). Proverbs 18:10 


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