How Are You?

How are you? A sincere question. Three words but depending on the time, day, month or season, it can be a fully loaded question. But in a good way. 

When I’m asked that question, I generally answer in two parts. How I am doing and feeling in that very moment the question is asked, then I think about how I’m doing overall spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Basically, how is my soul? Is it prospering? What is the pulse of my soul? And generally, if you just asked what I'm ruminating on, praying about or repeat song, you can probably quickly figure out “where I am.” So I can move from surface level, and deep dive really fast. But I’m learning to not do it all at once. It can scare people away. But then there are a few who can roll like that. ME!! 

So, how am I doing? Y’all, I'm good. I’m doing well by the grace of Jesus. I am incredibly grateful and fortunate. I’m living in the present. Finding beauty and purpose in every day life, and seeing the evidence of God’s invisible hand at work in my life. I’m focused with today, while simultaneously working towards the future. I’m in a good rhythm and pace, and do believe I am stewarding this season well and with obedience. 

Does this mean everything in my life is perfect? Or that all dreams and wants are fulfilled and satisfied? Or that I don't need to press in faith, dig my heels deep and stand on God's Word? No. I'm fighting from victory just like the next gal. But I think I am more content and I am satisfied in Christ. It's a process and daily choice and decision of my will. To live surrendered and with opens hands.  

Jesus, thank you for this moment and season. Thank you for all that you’ve done in my life and heart. Thank you for your continual pursuit of my heart and empowering me to choose the better thing. I am what I am, I have what I have, I am where I am today because of your grace and mercy. You are my rescue. You daily rescue me. So I’m doing good, really good. 


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