Tuesday Musing

Sometimes I share mid-thoughts in mind and it lands for some and flops for others. Of course it makes total sense to me, cause I've been living in the context. Having said that, every once in a while, I'm sure it's happened to you, without much context you read something and it resonates with you. Some musings as of of late or perhaps, some coherent language to feelings and thoughts that have been long brewing. 

In the face of uncertainty upon uncertainty (before corona and now during corona) while there is a peace, there is also a sense for me to be humble and quiet. So how do I be? What do I do? Walk daily, listen and live this day only. I cannot plan beyond this moment. This can pose some friction or tension as I err on the side of "planner/controller."  It most certainly can make and has made relationships (outside of my immediate household) tricky. But this is where I am. And this is all I know to do and feel God is allowing me to do in this moment, this season. God is releasing my grip... which is a good thing. So I hold all things loosely in my hands, while knowing I am being held securely in His capable and loving hands. But I am still here. Silence is not the same as absence. And God is still good, and in control even when things feel so out of control at times.


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