Wednesday Musing

Many people are going through so many different things right now, no one truly understands the depth or weight but God. So I am very thankful He is a constant and very good friend and Father. Everyone deals with stress and pressure differently so I want to be sympathetic and gracious. So for me right now, I’m learning the best thing I can offer people is prayers, grace, empathy and understanding. And space to be and figure life out right now. 

The things I decide is best for me in this hour and moment, is just that, my personal conviction. I do not put pressure or guilt on anyone, that is not my intent when I share my journey, the process. God speaks to everyone differently. Life as we know it today is changing constantly due to external circumstances beyond anyone's immediate control. Although, there are things we can do the help. There's always some thing we can do. We're called to be contributors, however small or big. So I am intentionally practicing mindfulness and seeking to be increasingly more patient and understanding. Being flexible goes a long way in life, to include maintaining healthy relationships. We may bend but we won't break as easily. 

This global pandemic (or maybe just our current culture even before pandemic) has made simple things complex, in my opinion. Perhaps it's just me. So I find that during this season I don’t have a “one size fits all” response or “go to action” these days. That's been interesting in and of itself as it's not my natural bent. Or rather, it's not comfortable or easy. So I take one day and each moment at a time, sometimes literally. Then I pray and see what God says because things are changing rapidly and daily. 

To be frank, it's such a weird time in the world right now. But, patience, respect and understanding can go a longs way in helping us all navigate any uncertainty, turmoil, weirdness or transition. Where there is mutual respect and love, we can still differ and still be united. We can forge forward and come out stronger, together. 


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