Pre-Choosing to Choose

So much of life is about choices, if not every aspect of our life requires some level of decision making. What is for dinner? Where will we go out for dinner? What will I wear to work? What song should I listen too? 

According to a 2018 UNC Science TV article, the average adult makes about 35,000 "remotely conscious decisions each day."  That's a lot of decisions with varying levels of consequences and degree of seriousness. In contrast, a child makes on average 3000 decisions. Oh what sweet mercy it is to be a child - and I am reminded of the scriptures that makes reference to this "childlike faith." Gosh, how peaceful would life be if we would just believe, trust, listen and obey? To take God at His Word, to obey His commandments and live. I get it - life is complicated and complex. 

I will be the first to admit, being an adult is hard, really hard at times. It comes with more responsibility. The decisions we make are "weightier" and oftentimes, the more information we have can sometimes equate to more clutter that can cloud our thinking and ability to make good, sound decisions. Whew!! Now having said that, praise God all the more for his grace and mercy. Thank you Father for allowing us to ask for wisdom and then graciously giving us your wisdom. 

Everything in life is a choice. So how about let's pre-choose some of our decisions so that when we come face with that situation, we already know what to do. Let's pre-choose to choose peace before the day starts. Let's pre-choose how we will speak to those around us, pre-choosing to speak with gentleness and patience. Let's pre-choose joy for when we face that difficult co-worker or unexpected news. Let's pre-choose forgiveness for when that person offends us or speaks poorly of us. Let's pre-choose to trust God regardless of what the day may bring. Let's pre-choose to do the right thing before we are presented with the temptation to do wrong. Let's pre-choose to love when it feels better to hate and be angry. Let's pre-choose our attitude and how we choose to respond to life before the day even begins. Let's pre-choose what we will choose before we are face with the decision. 

We have God's spirit living inside of us to empower us and to strengthen us to live a victorious life. Let's pre-choose to live in obedience to God's commands and his laws. Lord, please help us. It is possible through YOU Jesus living through US. 


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